Brian Alig — Addiction (Black hearts is black hearted)

Electro EP with new tasty and unusual sound.

1) Starting Over (Subtropic Intro)
2) I Wish You Could (Ft. Viggo Star And Soda Inc.)
3) Headhunter (Ruts D.C. Dub Version)
4) Sugarcane (Vs. The Timewriter)
5) Going Under (Szade Electromix)
6) Addiction (Album Version)
7) Copypaste (Get Fucked Adore Mix)
8) Thunderball (Ft. Morgan Page)
9) I Wish You Could (Soda Inc. Remix)
10) Addiction (Noize Reload By Wdee)
11) Relocated (Bonustrack)

Диск выпущен под псевдонимом Brian Alig.

Купить онлайн Release date: 23.03.2009